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In Canada, the blackberry (Blackberry, English term, and bramble, French term) indicates the fruit of a shrub of the genre Rubus of the family of Rosaceae. It is a slightly acid and very perfumed fruit.

The mulberry tree is a plant little known in Quebec. Nevertheless it is a part of our flora from Quebec, and for a long time. The blackberry as we know here in Quebec, is a black fruit which grows in border of forests and in fields. Whereas somewhere else, the word blackberry indicates the fruit of the mulberry tree. This plant is not the one that we know. It is used to feed the silkworms.

The remarkable properties of the blackberry make a sought fruit. The rich color of the blackberry reveals the presence of invaluable pigments named anthocyanins. These pigments have an antioxidant power which can help in the prevention of several diseases.

The cultivated blackberry must be picked in good maturity, its slightly acid but soft taste in fact then a completely new fruit.

Available: August to September


Nutrition Facts
(Per 100 g of fruit)

Water: 88.15 g
Carbohydrates: 9.61 g
Lipids: 0.49 g
Proteins: 1.39 g
Fibers: 5.3 g
Energy: 43 kcal
Vitamin C: 21 mg

Total sugar: 4.88 g

Potassium: 162 mg 
Phosphorus: 22 mg
Calcium: 29 mg
Magnesium: 20 mg




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